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After the First Client in Shanghai has grown High-quality Sapphire Crystals in LED-class, Zhejiang Yunfeng made another Strategic Cooperation with a Well-known Listed Company for LED

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Zhejiang Yunfeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang Yunfeng), the world鈥檚 leading equipment manufacturer of crystal growing in LED-class, as well as the first professional supplier that can provide "Turnkey Solution"and integrated solution of Crystal growth equipments, has made a strategic cooperation with a well-known listed company about its LED sapphire project of 1.2 billion. According to the agreement, Zhejiang Yunfeng will continuously supply this company with automatic sapphire crystal growth furnace of 35kg & 75kg.Zhejiang Yunfeng also will supply clients with crystal processing equipments which including Dig, Polish & Lapping equipments in the near future. After the implementation of the project, our client is expected to reach an annual output of more than 3million pieces of crystal.
The key points of big-size sapphire crystal growth equipment are:
Whether can be industrialization and systematization?
How to stabilize the product consistency?
Whether the overall production cost has sustainable competitive edge?
SS3520 series sapphire crystal growth equipments which were released by Zhejiang Yunfeng in the last year, achieved the automatic of crystal growth and break the technical barriers that the traditional crystal growth process most rely on human experience in the past. After many experimental data and process correction, it can not only ensure the product consistency, but also greatly reduce the consumption of equipment energy. According to ISS3520鈥檚 operation, it can estimated that the production cost of 2inch ingot is the lowest, which can be the best production cost that demonstrated by clients during the current operation. It can provide effective protection for clients's products which need competitive edge in the market. Meanwhile, one operator trained for 2-3 months can monitor and manage 10 equipments or so. The equipment own troubleshooting database and expert control system, greatly reduced the dependence on human experience, and made clients锟斤拷?large-scale expansion more convenient.
Zhejiang Yunfeng established in 2009, as the biggest supplier of sapphire crystal furnace in China, own a production line of annual output of 800 sapphire crystal growing furnaces and ancillary processing equipments. It can change the passive situation that the key equipment of LED totally depend on high-priced input, the long lead time and the technical services can鈥檛 reach high efficiency.
Zhejiang Yunfeng is dedicated to be a leading company of global sapphire crystal growing equipments, and intend to bring huge development space for the upgrade of the global LED industry chain.
CRYSTALTECH HKCO., LIMITED is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Yunfeng, responsible for product sales and service of Zhejiang Yunfeng鈥檚 domestic and foreign markets.

The photo is taken by clients used the ISS3520 sapphire crystal growing furnace.

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