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ISS Sapphire Crystal Growth System

ISS3520 / ISS7510 Sapphire Crystal Growth System
ISS Sapphire Crystal Growth Systems use the LSG technology. A real-time monitoring and automatic control system for ISS, along with powerful storage function .ISS sapphire crystal growth systems break through the bottleneck of traditional KY method technology development. ISS greatly reduced the industrial development threshold of LED-class sapphire crystal growth, so that domestic companies can make it possible to realize mass production of high quality LED substrate material.

ISS owns high precision power, advanced thermal field system with lowest energy consumption, automatic closed-loop control system, and many other advanced technology. In addition, the Turn-key Solution which first advocated by YunFeng is offered by reliable technology package. So that trainers can easily operate the device and produce qualified crystal after 2-3 months technical training.

Compared with the equipments which used traditional KY method, ISS accomplished automatic crystal growth. During the process, the ratio of worker and device is 1:16. Based on this point, sapphire crystal鈥檚 quality can be more stable, and little reliance of manual operation & high yield will be achieved. So that our clients can return on investment as soon as possible and achieve maximize profits.

ISS Advantages

Adopted Technology                  LSG technique, Independent R&D
Degree of automation                Automatic closed-loop control
Yield                                        > 75%, high consistency of product
Crystal dislocation density         < 1000/ cm
Technical Package                    With a complete technical package


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